ChiLights 3/29/17

Had to double up on Drizzy this week. Shout out to for landing 24 tracks on the Hot 100.



Drake – More Life

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FLOW: Being a “playlist” rather then a proper album (says Drake), the sequencing is really polished. He bounced genres a lot but it feels right…and sometimes it is a needed shift to transition to the other sounds Drake and Fam want to dabble in.

REPEATABLE: Been on repeat for me since it dropped.

PRODUCTION: No Metro Boomin I could find, but it’s boomin none the less. Nice mix of Drake’s more recent West Indies/Island influences, some grimy across-the-pond London town-ness, and the usual OVO production team.

HIGHLIGHTS: I had to cull this down because this album is packed with heat…Blem, Passionfruit, KMT, Glow, and Teenage Fever give a good cross-section of what you’ll be tuning into throughout the duration of the album (I mean playlist).

Ryan Adams – Prisoner

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FLOW: “Prisoner” is being toted as Ryan Adams’ “divorce album” following the dissolution of his marriage to Mandy Moore. Throughout the album Adams compares his heartbreak to being imprisoned, a haunted house, Doomsday, and an outbound train. The album takes you on a walk with his distress.

REPEATABILITY: It lacks the rock of Adams’ 2014 self-titled album but it’s still one of his best. “Prisoner” could almost be taken as a spiritual sequel to his 2000 debut, “Heartbreaker”.

PRODUCTION: The album was produced by Adams, himself, at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

HIGHLIGHTS: Prisoner, Do You Still Love Me?, Shiver And Shake, To Be Without You

AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

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FLOW: AFI’s tenth album touches on nearly every sound they’ve ever experimented with during their 25 year history. Songs like “So Beneath You” sound reminiscent of AFI’s 2000 album “The Art of Drowning” and “White Offerings” brings to mind “The Leaving Song Pt. 2” from 2003’s “Sing The Sorrow”. Tracks such as “Aurelia” and “Above The Bridge” see AFI flexing their Cure and Joy Division influences while adding their own trademark flare.

REPEATABILITY: This album doesn’t necessarily see AFI reinventing the wheel so if you’re a casual listener this may not be the album for you. On the other hand, if you’re a long-time fan you’ll likely find yourself spinning this a few times.

PRODUCTION: This is the band’s first album to be produced by lead guitarist Jade Puget. The album was recorded at Megawatt Recording in Valley Village, California.

HIGHLIGHTS: Hidden Knives, Above the Bridge, So Beneath You, White Offerings.