The Voidz / AHJ

Having withdrawals from The Strokes? Here’s some new stuff from Julian Casablancas’ band The Voidz and Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. Both projects are killing it right now.



Planning for Burial – Below The House

Chi Stars_4

a0821737518_10FLOW: This album has so many different sounds and encompasses so many different genres – black metal, doom, ambient, shoegaze, acoustic, alternative rock. I mean the list goes on. The really cool thing though is that it’s all done by one dude by the name of Thom Wasluck.  Not only does he record every instrument himself, he plays everything by himself live also. He does an awesome job of making all these different influences blend together seamlessly.

REPEATABLE: Definitely. There’s a ton of layers on this album. I feel like I discover more and more of them every time I listen.

PRODUCTION: From the few articles I’ve read, I get the feeling these are all home recordings which give them a cool lo-fi vibe. He also likes to release his albums on weird mediums like floppy disks and cassettes.

HIGHLIGHTS: Listen to this album front to back.