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Zeal & Ardor – Devil is Fine

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Zeal-and-Ardor-–-Devil-Is-Fine-albumFLOW: I’ll be honest: This is not an album that should make any sense whatsoever. The idea of taking African American spirituals and mixing them with Black Metal instrumentals is truly bizarre but the results are pretty spectacular. To say this is Black Metal I feel would be inaccurate. This is like if Gary Clark, Jr. sold his soul to the Devil and played to blastbeats. It somehow works.

REPEATABLE: I keep replaying it just so I can wrap my mind around it.

PRODUCTION: The album has a very delta blues lo-fi feel to it. The vocals are at the front at times and most of the instrumentals get a bit buried in the mix. I have a feeling that Manuel Gagneux, the masterind behind this entire project, may have produced it himself.

HIGHLIGHTS: Devil Is Fine, Come On Down

Maneul Gagneux spoke with Noisey about how Zeal and Ardor came to life here: Zeal & Ardor – Devil is Fine